Hi, I am Mallika!

I am a dentist by profession, a recipe developer, food photographer and food blogger. I hail from Delhi- the food hub. Born in a Punjabi family, with the inheritance of food filled with flavour; my love for cooking is purely comprehensible. Having travelled to different parts of the world, I have tried different cuisines which has added diversity to my culinary skills.

I believe that there are so many things that stress us out, cooking should just not be one of them. In fact, a healthy delicious meal can be a great stress buster on a tiring day.

My dishes will guarantee guilt-free happiness. I like to make scrumptious delights that are not just mouthwatering at sight but also impeccable at taste. 

I envisage that my readers experience food and cooking in a whole new way, which allows them to cook with the most readily available ingredients and DIY options. Let’s have fun cooking!

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